Welcome to The Mastery Project—your personal transformation resource specialising in bespoke Private Retreats and Personal Intensives.
 We draw on global teaching experience from the past two decades during which we've successfully guided many people through fulfilling change in their lives. You  too can learn how to bring about uplifting and empowering change in your life. Provided with enlightened guidance and clear and meaningful understanding, our clients  have learned from us responsible and effective tools and actions as well as how to apply their learning with joy and humour to fuel and inspire their life vision and their  practical progress forward.
 Appreciating that everyone is unique, we'll design and prepare retreats and intensives according to your life circumstances, current situations and individual priorities.  In keeping with this philosophy, we don't use any conventional or preset formula or technique.
 Because you are the architect of change in your life, we ensure our teachings and methods are always geared to promote alternatives and choices while inspiring insight and building self awareness. This enables you to be in command of your path of change and to understand how the choices you make actually reflect and support your greater life vision.
Having found that location strongly enhances a retreat, we always offer suggestions of discrete, nurturing environments that are as supportive as possible for you, and where you'll be able to fully relax, feeling inspired and willing to embrace alternative perspectives while rebalancing your energy and renewing your clarity and commitment to your path forward.
Through animated discussions and poignant insights, we show how and why your current situation has come about. This defines the spiritual learning that your life invariably offers you. With that foundation of wisdom and clarity, we teach you the awareness, tools, and methods that'll enable you to continue joyous, rewarding change in your life. In the process, we develop with you a productive and fulfilling path forward that becomes your own project to master your life; one that continually evolves to suit your life's changing circumstances and supports self reliance in all respects.
It's become clear to us how important it is to approach self learning and transformation with commitment, respect and discipline. However, we also have seen how often the greatest breakthroughs have come about through laughter and the willingness to take a lighter perspective on the serious aspects of life. For this reason, we'll always encourage you to be open minded and open hearted and undertake personal rebirths through non-judgement, appreciating the changes that are happening and their contribution to growing self awareness.
Whatever you'd like to change in your life, The Mastery Project brings direction, purpose, meaning and quality to your change process... We invite you to share your hopes, wishes and dreams, and we'll guide you through bringing them to reality in your own unique ways. reclaiming and living your own mastery... and loving it.  


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