paul walsh roberts                                         


When quality change takes place inside a person, it improves their life circumstances—relationships, assets, occupation, health, leisure and environment—as well as improving their inner world—their feelings, attitudes, balance, awareness, inborn gifts and wisdom, not to mention their purpose and direction.

Acquainted with their natural inner power and taught how to use it, people do change. I've seen them embrace a whole new perspective on their life and begin to make self-loving choices instead of self-damaging ones, no longer influenced by the common but disabling sense of helplessness or aimlessness.

Having overcome four major life upheavals myself—two concerning health; one, career and marriage; and another, a totally new direction involving business and home—I fully understand and appreciate the challenges that change brings a person. And the opportunities. Through my own experiences I realized that, with proper guidance, anyone can become the architect of change, even of total rebirth, instead of being a victim of it. Though I had become one of advertising's award winning international creative directors, I followed my heart into a challenging transformation and, since the early 90's in countries the world over, I've now guided many people successfully through meaningful, enlightened transformation.

Something else my experiences have taught me is what really does and what does not work in a person's life and why, no matter who they are or what has held them back. I now teach what I've experienced to be consistently effective—genuinely enlightened healthy perspectives, not just conformist ones; courageous insightful actions, not necessarily popular ones; all applied diligently throughout daily life, not just in special situations.

Because I've so often witnessed what remarkable things people are capable of, without them having believed it possible, and the rewards they stand to gain, I love to help people learn, understand and live their Mastery—their innate self-power to intentionally create the life they really want—and to teach, encourage and support them in applying that power throughout their life with integrity, genuine wisdom, and Unconditional Love. 

Along my journey of transformation and service, I've often been asked to make my teachings more widely available. In response, I've recorded CDs for guided meditation and healing, and published two books which offer powerful understandings and principles ready to be adopted by anyone who wants to master their life. 'From Atoms To Angels' clearly describes the invisible, spiritual forces that are constantly shaping our lives, along with ways to benefit from them. 'Opening To Life' de-mystifies our spiritual and physical self, explaining how our consciousness is structured and how it offers us the capability to fill our lives with joy, love, fulfilment and purpose.

Personal freedom to make choices that are nourishing and empowering is vital. The feeling of having no choices eventually creates crippling fear, so I teach people that every delightful step achieved in their transformation is absolutely self-created. With that unshakeable knowledge, they are free from feeling dependent ever again on me or anyone else for their happiness, self value, and fulfilment.

To say that change is available to us all is a nice idea but life can convince us that there are no choices. I've seen differently, and it's really just a fresh perspective and awareness that's required. I welcome you to embrace your own unique Mastery Project because I know you'll amaze yourself with the wonderful things you're capable of, given the perspective, the confidence and the means. Aside from your own transformation, be aware also of the beneficial effect you'll have on the changing global consciousness through reclaiming and living your own mastery... and loving it.


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