alexandriaSince the early 90's I've been supporting people in building confidence and wisdom in three principle areas of self development: 'Learning to be yourself', 'Learning how to be with yourself' and 'Learning how to create what truly matters to you in your everyday life.'

The thread that has run through The Mastery Project since its inception has been change. How do we harness the flow of unlimited fuel that is change? How to we make balanced change and benefit from it? How do we surrender to change and the purpose within it?

I answer these questions in a process I call 'Mastering the Alchemy of Change'. This gives you the clarity and tools to identify your inner assets and understand your resistance and preconceived ideas about change. I then guide you in recycling conditioned approaches to free up your ability to innovate and invest in a better life experience. Whether it's creating alternative paths forward or changing your view of existing progress, the impossible can transform into the enjoyable and the purposeful.

If someone were to ask me the principle ingredients of the Alchemy of Change, I believe the recipe would go something like this. First, start with a generous helping of self honesty and mix that with clarity, enthusiasm and the willingness to change. Simplify your perspective by sifting out the doubts, self criticism and disappointments so you can focus on what you really want to bring into your life. Establish a clear intention behind what you want to create. Leave your mixture to stand while you acknowledge how you can cooperate with your world and be open to cosmic timing. When your process starts to take shape, don't forget to add copious amounts of laughter into the mix so you keep open to receiving what you want while remaining flexible about last minute changes.

For most people, the finished product is often seen as the best part of any creative process but through the Alchemy of Change, I encourage you to appreciate your own brand of creativity and see how that has carried your creation through all its stages. In this way, your destination won't feel like 'the be-all and end-all' but more the icing on the cake of your overall process of fulfilment.

One of the most supportive tools for increasing awareness and developing our creative power is travel. The Mastery Project has taken me to some of the most endearing, beautiful and chaotic places on Earth, creating magical, hilarious and effortless shifts in perspective. From the indefinable genius of Asia, to the vibrant faith of Central America and the unpredictable Natural Forces of the Pacific, travel has shown me the ingenious ways individuals and communities adapt to the creative challenges they face.

Travel has also been an inspiration for my recent novels. 'Magician from the Masses' explores the challenges of incorporating heartfelt truth into demanding modern day practicalities. 'Armchair Alchemist' highlights the incredible flow of insight and benefits we can have if we achieve balance and acknowledge the learning in our daily lives.

Although there is no equation that defines success or fulfilment, I believe the key to maintaining a sense of achievement and purpose is choosing to listen and act upon your heartfelt truth. Are some people lucky and others slow learners? Do we have a destiny that we can't change? Or is hard work the answer to everything?

Well perhaps there is no 'right way' that always works, nor do we have a lucky life that guarantees results or a fate we can't change, but we can harness the unlimited fuel of change to understand, enjoy and enrich our own individuality. In so doing, we are free to recycle our struggles and limited perspectives into what we want while appreciating our own brand of creative magic and having the time and wisdom to celebrate our lives as they unfold.


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